Keys Fishin ?>

Keys Fishin

Some solid mahi mahi fishing in the Keys are always fun days. Heck catching them anywhere is fun, but it’s always fun being down on the southern tip of the states just tearing them up!

Fishing On The Right Time ?>

Fishing On The Right Time

Timing your fishing trip just right is very important. It can really “make or break” your experience, causing you to catch a lot of fish, or none! We typically tend people to go either when the tide is going in, or when the tide is going out, and if it matches up at the same time with the morning time (before the sun arises, like around 5 a.m. then that’s even better!).  You need to really know what type of fish…

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Fishing Offshore and Inshore ?>

Fishing Offshore and Inshore

Now this is a big topic that many people love talking about. Going out fishing off shore (or some people like to call it deep sea fishing), is most people’s favorite type of fishing. Going out on the large boat, hitting the huge waves and just catching the biggest fish out there, and being able to brag about it. Yeah, if you have not discovered how awesome off shore fishing is yet, you’re in for a real big treat whenever…

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Welcome to the 1 Stop Fishing Shop! ?>

Welcome to the 1 Stop Fishing Shop!

Hey everybody. Welcome to the 1 stop fishing shop. A community where you can get extra tips and tricks for fishing, places to go fishing, advice from beginner to expert, and overall just a place where you can get a great grasp about fishing. Check out the different blog posts that will be written by myself, Dan AKA “Dan the Fishing Man!” You are welcome to drop me a line at any time. I look forward to helping you with…

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